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Dino Perfetti has served his entire 29 year career in the Automotive Aftermarket Industry, currently leading a team of sales professionals in restyling vehicles for over 250 dealers in the Midwest region. Beginning with a sales position at Reliable Automotive, a wholesale distributor of restyling and performance products, he soon found his passion within the custom wheel industry. Intrigued with the design and manufacturing process, he began making numerous trips to the west coast in establishing relationships with several industry manufacturers. Working closely with an established van and truck conversion company, he later entered the conversion industry becoming involved in the design and marketing of custom vehicles. Bringing custom vehicles to market through strong dealership relationships was the challenge Dino found most rewarding. Joining forces with Automotive Concepts in 2007, he brought his experience in the industry to a company with the vision of producing trend setting customization for both the dealer market and retail consumer. For Dino, staying on top of industry changes and the continuing increase of consumer awareness is most important in today’s market.

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2731 Nevada Ave

New Hope, Minnesota

PHONE: (763) 535-2181

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